Saturday, 13 August 2016

Top 15 Good Night Message For Girlfriend And Boy Friend

Good night Word in today's world has become so Famous.Whisper in someone's ear from a good night there is nothing more romantic . You whisper something to someone , although there are not,
If you leave a note on your pillow , or send them a text .Also remember that you have to take into account one's personality . Some people love romantic things , poetic things some love , some sense of humor , something a little more sexy love love and the list goes onInspiration from the texts , but they are sending you to them  suitable to who you are sending them .Another tip in different languages, romantic good night to say good night to extract and so forth is to search the net . I always say that when you run out of ideas , you have to start stealing from others The lyrics also , erm , are excellent sources of plagiarism . And whilst we do not forget the movies and books . In short : if you send someone at night once you list below Has gone to the texts can find tons of great ideas .It is the Word of the big the big guys.

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Best Good Night Message For Cute Girlfriend :

Simple, but very sweet . He says someone, gorgeous , beautiful, lovely , sexy , amazing , and is generally good .Even if the list is not in there, it's already a lot of texts that can add up If you want something you dream, you dream about a plan to add . Like if you are so beautiful , or something naughty , or somethingAbout her dream of one day with a dream You have a girlfriend , you are very lucky , because God has consolidated its choice . When it is time to offer post -girlfriend relationship with many of us .We hope to have a good night message, like you , will give.

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1. Ho chuki raat ab so bhi jaaiye
   jo haain dil ke kareib unke khayalon mein kho jaaiye
   kar raha hoga koi intzar aapka
   khawaabo'n mein hi sahi unse mil to aaiye..

2. parso pyaar, fir ikrar,
   fir intezaar, fir takrar,
   fir daraar, saari mehnat bekar aur
   at last ek aur DEVDAS in the beer-bar..
   God Nght Yar.

3. Jab rat ko neend na aaye,
   dil ki dhadkan bhi badh jaaye, 
   tab dusron ki neend kharab karo.
   shayad unki dua se aapko neend aa jaye..
   Gud Night.

4  Loved ones can not be maad at us
   Loving relationship can not be unfaithful
   Even if you have forgotten us sleep
   We can not sleep without you remember

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5. Raat ka chand nikal aaya hai,
   sang apne taro ki barat laya hai,
   Pyaar se dekho aasman ko,
   woh meri aur se aapko gud nht kehne aaya hai.

6. Close ur eyes & imagine.
   Chaand ka bed, taaron ki razaai,
   phulon ka takiya aur
   pariyon ke sapne..
   Nice na.Now come back to earth and
   sleep on your own KHATIYA
   Good Night!

7. Der raat jab kisi ki yaad sataaye,
   thandi hawa jab zulfon ko sehlaaye,
   kar lo aankhein band aur so jaao..
   kya pata jiska hai khayaal
   woh khawaabon mein aa jaaye.

Good Night Message For Top(Best) :

Never fight sleep . Sleep , and rejuvenate a hard day with a new energy and enthusiasm
Start the day is to conquer your dreams.Every night, you can close your eyes to something you don't want to see,But you can't close your heart to something you don't want to feel.Good Night!”

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Best 10 Good Night Messages For girl Friend

Top Best(2016) Good Night Message For Girl Friend.Word of this is important to him good night.The use of this word in our society today is the day in day increase. It comes to sleep , it just means the volume - it does not have that quality . How do you feel during your waking hours often hinges on how you sleep well. Similarly , day treatment for fatigue and sleep difficulties frequently in your daily routine and lifestyle choices can be found .This is a time to share a smile . Cheer and funny good night with your friends and family enjoy beautiful collection of quotes .Of course you from your friends at least worth a strange good night quotes. Good night and share these funny quotes gives a smile on his handsome face .Good people than bad people sleep much better at night . Of course , the bad people enjoy the waking hours much more .A man , seven for a woman , and six hours for eight for a fool .So it is that time again , time to quit Facebook . So I say, "Good night , but do not worry I 'll be back soon .Goodnight all . Hopefully I have another dream with Lady Gaga and Britney Speare.

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 Top Lover Good Night Message For Girl Friend :

Today, text messaging has changed the way you communicate with a loved one 's .Today, text messaging has changed the way you communicate with a loved one 's .Or the object of your affection in a different city is under your roof ,To send a text message to let them know in a fun way They know they are in your thoughts . So for you the night before the accident.When ever we sleeping then we other says to good night.I invented a new phrase and it goes like this - early to bed , early to rise and early to meet friends like me .In this word all places use . It is common word and one person says to other person when sleeping good night.This word use in sleeping.

1. Tired of such a message ,
   good night
   Missing you
   I love you   
   And so on ?
   Now here 's a new one - one time I can smile 4 u ?


2. Whenever you have a dream in your heart ,
   Dreams are the tiny seeds coz ever known ,
   Of which grows a beautiful tomorrow
   A wonderful dream tonight. good night.

   I went to bed , but felt something was missing tonight . So I got    up from my bed , grabbed his cell phone and sent a greeting . good    night

   You know how wonderful it is to go to bed every day and know what    to    think
   You are mine and I am yours ? - A restful night, my love .

10 Best Tips Good Night Message for Boys:

Good night sweet dreams you want to want to have . Good night sweet dreams or get the best of the kind . The greatest gift u can give someone is your time . Because this part of life that you will never come back .

1. Good Night , the guy who makes my day brighter . Sweet dreams , the    man whose love makes me burst out fast . Hugs and kisses , to the    guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses . I love you.

2.  I also have no trouble scary nightmares , as long as I 'm awake .      good night

3. My days can be busy . My schedule is tight . But the end of the day I will never do And without saying good night . Sweet dreams!